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Hello!  My name is Mike Johnson and I am a full-time website designer located in Fort Collins Colorado. Creating website for affordable prices brings me a deep sense of joy and I absolutely love seeing the smiles on my clients faces when I deliver a great website for a fair price. I really enjoy making peoples lives easier by giving them a simple and effective website that is fully responsive on every device.

One way I can guarantee a great site is having control over every inch of the screen and being armed with an array of computer languages, I can completely customize your site to your liking. Multiple services are offered with each website. These services include but are not limited to, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eCommerce Features, PDF Document Editing, Hosting issues, and any Repairs or Updates needed.

I will be designing your website with a combination of settings in a CMS dashboard, along with plugins, CSS code, some PHP editing, and HTML editing of the theme template files. Using Google Analytics, you can have the tools needed to track users to your brand new website. I will be designing your website with a combination of settings in a CMS dashboard, along with plugins, a lot of CSS code, some PHP editing, and HTML editing of the theme template files.

FoCo Web Design specializes in efficient, affordable and responsive website design using the #1 content management system (CMS) in the world, WordPress. Read more about why I think WordPress is the King of content management systems and is here to stay with my article here.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are just a few examples of social media outlets to drive your business and I research the most relevant social media for your business, and connect them to your web page.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the discipline used to get your website ranking high on Google. Keyword optimization and fluent sentences with relevant topics on your website helps a lot. I can help edit your content to achive maximum SEO results.

Fully Responsive Websites

A fully device aware website is mandatory to have these days. This means the page will adapt depending on the type of device and the size of the screen. This Includes elements that can change, disappear, reshape, and adapt accordingly.

Security/Google analytics

Keeping your page secure is another key point, and plugin upgrades are one way to ensure security. Plus it is a must for SEO and functionality in general. In addition, Google Analytics is an important tool to track your traffics statistics. Watch the way people arrive at your website, so you can capitalize on those traffic routes. This includes geo-location, and real time tracking data.

Fort Collins Web Design

Perfect Search Engine Optimization

     It is important to realize that staying up to date with the latest practices is a must to rank well on search engines. These practices are always changing because Google is always adapting and it isn’t so easy to trick search engines anymore to rank you higher. Consequently, It requires much more care and attention to detail.

As opposed to the older days, where “keyword stuffing” was all you needed to rank higher. The level of spam websites forced google to search for more advanced algorithms to analyze your page.

   Keywords are still very useful and should be place naturally. However relevant topics related to your main topic are quickly becoming the most effective method. Truthfully, Google algorithms are accounting for so many variables nowadays, the best way to look at your website, just might be through the eyes of an English major. That is, an English Major, who also had a minor in Business.

Some important techniques I follow are Including synonyms for your keywords, an active voice and transition words. Some examples of transition words would be,  above all, finally, meanwhile,  at the same time, In conclusion, similarly, at this point, and in fact.

Fort Collins Web Design

Best Prices In Colorado $32 An Hour.

FoCo Web Design offeres the fairest prices you will see in Colorado without suffering a loss in performance or options. $32 an hour is unheard of in the web design world.

According to NJ Creatives Network, on the low end designer hourly rates hover around $40, while the high end is about $75 (though many designers charge $100 or more an hour), with an average of $59 an hour.

Why The Ridiculously Good Price?

I Charge a dramatically lower price than my competitors as a strategy to be able to get quadruple the amount of jobs, and fantastic referrals for more work in the future. I plan to grow this business to a much larger scale and the first step to doing that is to populate Fort Collins with a ton of websites created by FoCo Web Design. With this in mind, I have consciously decided to reduce my price to a point where it would be a mistake not to use my services.

I get the job done quickly and efficiently and I am an expert in WordPress. I am able to produce multiple websites a week and plan to grow exponentially the more work I get.      

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