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FoCo Web Design is a Colorado Web Design and Hosting Company based in Fort Collins Colorado.

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Hello! I’m Mike Johnson, the proud owner of FoCo Web Design, a Fort Collins-based web design company in Colorado. We’re dedicated to serving clients both within and beyond the Fort Collins area.

I’m thrilled to share that FoCo Web Design boasts a 5-star rating on Google, along with numerous success stories from our satisfied clients.


At FoCo Web Design, we offer a comprehensive range of web-related services, including: Web Design, Web Hosting, Logo Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing & PPC Ad Campaign Management

FoCo Web Design is your one-stop solution for all your online needs. Don’t hesitate to call today and let us help you succeed in the digital landscape!

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Litespeed Cloud Hosting

What is the fastest hosting?

LiteSpeed Or Apache?
Cloud Hosting Or Traditional Hosting? CDN Or Cloudflare?

I found the winners for you, and its, LiteSpeed servers with cloud hosting using‘s CND.

LiteSpeed servers are faster than Apache and improves the PHP performance of the server by 50%. WordPress websites use PHP code to run, so its very important for this to be optimized.

In Combination with this faster server software, I also use two more tricks. Server side caching, and’s CDN. is faster that Cloudflare, because it caches not only static files, but dynamic HTML pages as well. This is in stark contrast to Cloudflare, which only caches static files by default.

Fastest Colorado Web Hosting is the first and only complete WordPress optimization solution. Furthermore, was built specifically for WordPress and the LiteSpeed caching plugin.

All this hosting software was literally built for each other and I am happy to offer only the highest grade hosting solutions to my clients.


Every website created by FoCo Web Design is a fully responsive WordPress website. Fully responsive means the web design will look great on every device type and screen size. This is extremely important, with over 70% of all internet traffic being on cell phones or tablets.  Also, each site comes with an installation of Elementor Pro, which is the #1 web creation platform for WordPress. Furthermore, WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder with over 43% of the entire internet being WordPress. There are more bloggers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies that use WordPress than all other options combined.

Get a Logo

Having a logo is a very important aspect of your business for your websites overall aesthetics as well as your digital footprint. A good logo is needed for a storefront, business cards, merchandise, and so much more. With FoCo Web Design, you get a fully vectorized, professional and completely custom, logo that can be used for any of these needs. Some Logos can even be included in the web design cost depending on the request of the project. Use any of the contact forms on the website to get information regarding logo design.


It is important to realize that staying up to date with the latest practices is a must to rank well on search engines. These practices are always changing because Google is always adapting and it isn’t so easy to trick search engines anymore to rank you higher. Consequently, It requires much more care and attention to detail.

As opposed to the older days, where “keyword stuffing”(placing the searched word on your page as many times as possible) was all you needed to rank higher. The level of spam websites forced google to search for more advanced algorithms to analyze your page.

Keywords are still very useful and should be place naturally. But there are many more important techniques that need to be used across the board on a constant basis to rank higher and higher. Some important techniques I follow are,

  • Including synonyms for your keywords
  • an active voice
  • transition words
  • the use of alt tags
  • schema markup code
  • xml sitemaps to index the pages
  • and many other methods and techniques to optimize your websites performance.

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